Old Dominion Gardener & Rooted Newsletter

The Old Dominion Gardener (ODG) is a quarterly publication sent to members’ home addresses. The cost of subscription is included in member dues.

ODG belongs to all of us and is an opportunity to “pollinate” and “cross-pollinate” initiatives and ideas. Submit articles and images in separate files (300dpt jpeg image files) before each deadline.

Fall issue – August 1 • Winter issue –November 1 • Spring issue – February 1 • Summer issue – May 1

Contact the Editor or see the District Editor emails listed on the inside back cover of each ODG. Please include “ODG” in the subject line of email submissions.
Submit your garden photos for publication in ODG: members are encouraged to submit high resolution 300 dpi jpeg files of seasonal plant or garden images for use on the cover or in an interior gallery. Cover photos must be portrait orientation. Include location and photographer’s name and garden club. Submit through District Editors by each deadline.

ODG distribution and the completeness and accuracy of In Memoriam tributes are dependent on information submitted by clubs to the ODG Circulation Manager and VFGC Treasurers and Presidents.

Presidents/Treasurers Submission of Member Information Instructions (PDF)

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Rooted Newsletters

The VFGC Newsletter is published to update members on news, the latest gardening issues, horticultural facts, inspiring stories and committee activities..

Contact the First Vice-President for submissions. Please include “Rooted” in the subject line of email.