How much are VFGC dues?
$5.00 per member (to be paid to VFGC by your garden club’s treasurer).

When are club dues payable to VFGC?
No later than May 31st

Who sends the club a notice that it’s time to pay dues?
The VFGC treasurer sends information in March to the club treasurer. The club treasurer will receive: the dues notice, club contact information form, club roster – for updates to member contact information and to add and/or delete members, an add-on membership form to be used when a new member joins the club after the initial dues submission, and/or a new member joins the club after the club has paid dues.

When does our club treasurer send VFGC dues on the new member?
Send the dues immediately unless it’s after February 1. After February 1, wait and include the new member dues along with those of other club members.

What does VFGC do with the dues each members pay?
Each member $5.00 in dues helps in the following ways:
Part of the dues goes to National Garden Club (NGC) to make every member of VFGC a NGC member
Part of the dues goes to the South Atlantic Region to make every VFGC member a member of the South Atlantic Region of NGC
Publish each quarter The Old Dominion Gardener which is mailed to every VFGC member
Pay for the annual Convention—an educational and fun time for all VFGC members
Provides two Flower Show Schools, two Landscape Design Schools and a Flower Show Judges
Symposium each year.
Funds 5 college scholarships
Funds “Keys to the Future” Youth Grants for VFGC clubs
Funds Grants to Beautify and Restore for VFGC clubs
Funds Youth awards
Funds our Virginia State Fair exhibit that focuses on working with youth
Buys award ribbons, seals and certificates for clubs, districts and members
Pay rent on the VFGC office located at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond
Pays our Certified Public Accountant to prepare VFGC’s 990 tax return and compilation
Pays bonding and liability insurance fees
Funds administrative costs

The VFGC ANNUAL CONVENTION is an annual meeting planned for all VFGC members.

What happens at a convention?
It’s a time to network with other VFGC members, make new friends, see educational and informative programs and exhibits, shop with vendors, go on a tour and enjoy meals that someone else cooks and cleans up. A brief business meeting is held to update members on what is happening in VFGC and to take care of business that only members can decide.

Who should attend a VFGC Convention?
Every VFGC member is invited to attend the annual convention. The VFGC Board members will be in attendance as well.

How do I find information about the next convention?
Consult the VFGC Calendar , or the Annual Convention tab above , or check the VFGC Yearbook. Information and registration forms are available on the website. Also, the winter issue of the Old Dominion Gardener Newsletter contains information on the programs and tour, hotel information, costs, and registration form.


A VFGC life membership is a way to honor club members as well as non-member such as a speaker or a family member.

What is the cost of a VFGC life membership and what does the life member receive?
The VFGC life membership is $50 and is tax deductible. The life member will receive a VFGC life membership pin and a membership card.

What does VFGC do with the $50 it receives for a VFGC life membership?
The entire $50 goes into VFGC’s Scholarship account to fund the college scholarships awarded annually.

How does the club go about obtaining a VFGC life membership to honor a member, speaker or family member?
Information and the application are on the FORMS&INFO page and in the VFGC Yearbook. Contact the VFGC life membership chairman with questions. If the person already has a VFGC life membership, place the person on VFGC’s Book of Honor. The cost is $50, a tax deductible donation. The honored person receives a Book of Honor card and letter.

Does a person have to be a garden club member to be placed in VFGC’s Book of Honor?
No – this honor may be conferred on members as well as non-members.

What does VFGC do with the $50 it receives for a Book of Honor listing?
The entire $50 goes into VFGC’s Scholarship account to fund the college scholarships awarded annually.


How does my club go about applying for a “Keys to the Future” Youth Grant?
Guidelines, applications, deadlines, and more information are on the Youth page.

How does my club go about applying for a Grants to Beautify and Restore?
Complete the Beautify and Restore Grant Application The deadline for receipt of the applications is September 15.


The Blue Star Memorial Program honors service men and women through the placement of Blue Star Memorial Markers and By-Way markers.

How would my club go about purchasing a Blue Star Memorial marker?
A “Guidelines” booklet, which explains all procedures, is available on the NGC website. Contact VFGC’s Blue Star Memorial Committee Chairman to answer questions and provide assistance.


What is the Dogwood Society?
Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs has Four Virginia Funds: Blue Star Memorial, Youth Projects Grants, Grants to Beautify and Restore, and Scholarship. Individuals, Clubs, Districts giving to the Four funds each year (June 1 to May 31) will be recognized as members of the Dogwood Society. Donations are tax deductible and assists VFGC in providing grants and scholarships and adding or refurbishing Blue Star Memorial markers.


National Garden Clubs provides the opportunity to purchase jewelry, books related to design, horticulture and landscaping, decorative items, ribbons, rosettes and other items needed for flower shows as well as the Vision of Beauty Engagement Calendar. Many items can be found at the NGC Online Store.

How do I go about ordering a club past president’s pin?
You can find pins at NGC’s online store


My club wants to become part of VFGC’s 501(c)(3) group exemption, who should I contact?
Contact the VFGC Finance Chairman, who has the guidelines and application and will be pleased to answer questions.

My club is a member of VFGC’s group exemption. Do we pay sales tax on items purchased?
Yes. This is an IRS designation- not a sales tax exemption.

How does my club go about getting a sales tax exemption certificate?
Contact the Virginia Department of Taxation – Nonprofit (https://www.tax.virginia.gov/nonprofit-organizations) Complete and submit the “Application for Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Organizations. The Department of Taxation notifies the applicant as to the acceptance of the application.


NGC and the USDA Forest Service formed a partnership that helps sustain our national and urban forests through this reforestation/forest education program. A $68 donation helps cover part of the costs of replanting replacement trees (not limited to just pine trees) in a damaged area, whether by fire or other natural catastrophes. Donations must be in multiples of $68. A $68 donation can be in honor or memory of a person or in honor of an organization. You can designate a specific state where you wish the trees to be planted.

Where are Penny Pines donations sent?
A check payable “NGC- Penny Pines” is mailed to NGC Headquarters at 4401 Magnolia Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110.
Visit NGC – Penny Pines for more information and the application.
Penny Pines Donation Form (PDF)
Penny Pines Info (PDF)


How do I find flower show judges to judge my club’s flower show?
The VFGC Yearbook lists and gives contact information for Virginia’s accredited flower show judges.

Is Flower Show School only for those who want to become a Flower Show Judge?
Definitely not! Flower Show School (FSS) is open to any garden club member. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about horticulture, designs and how to put on a flower show.


Where can I find some ideas for programs and/or possible speakers?
Contact the VFGC president.

I am a new club president. Help!
NGC’s website, (https://gardenclub.org) has some helpful information for club presidents.
NCG – Garden Club Leadership – Search “leadership” on the NGC website.
The VFGC President is also available to help – just Contact us.

I am a club president and have been told I should submit an annual report to VFGC?
Who sends me the report form and when is it due? The VFGC First Vice-President will send the club president the annual report form. The new report form will be available on the VFGC’s website by January 1. The report is due to the VFGC President by March 15.

Our club wants to apply for awards this year. Where do we find information on the types of awards offered?
For awards offered by VFGC: See the Awards page, or check the listings in VFGC’s Yearbook.
For awards offered by the South Atlantic Region, visit SAR’s website (southatlanticregiongardenclubs.org)
For awards offered by National Garden Clubs, visit the NGC website (gardenclub.org)

When are award applications dues?
VFGC award applications are due December 1 except for the Publicity Press Book which is due January 25.

I need help completing the awards applications. Who do I contact?
Contact the district awards chairman or the VFGC awards chairman.

NGC – Plant America Community Project Grants
NGC Plant America – Espoma Grants