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You have been chosen as a VFGC Chairman for your interest, expertise, and ability to promote the objectives and programs of the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Your willingness to serve is the key to VFGC’s success!
All VFGC Chairmen and officers should do the following:

  1. Attend ALL VFGC Board meetings and VFGC Conventions. Please let the President know by phone, e-mail, or mail if you cannot attend. (See VFGC Standing Rule II. Board of Directors)
  2. As a VFGC chairman/officer, you are a delegate to the VFGC Convention and should attend whenever possible.
  3. Register for all meetings in advance. Registration is important as each Board meeting/convention has a specific number for a quorum.
  4. Write a detailed report of the WORK done by you and/or your committee. Reports should be informative and specific! Sign and date all communications.
  5. Submit reports electronically to the Recording Secretary for every Board meeting and Convention. If printed, four copies are to be filed with the Recording Secretary.
  6. Oral reports MUST BE WRITTEN, filed electronically or handed to the Recording Secretary PRIOR to speaking.
  7. Submit information and color photos to the Old Dominion Gardener. Deadlines and details for submission are printed in each issue. Each Chairman should submit at least ONE article per administration.
  8. Submit information to the VFGC Website, especially COLOR photos and REGISTRATION forms.
  9. All Chairmen are expected to be VFGC Yearbook Sponsors.
  10. Communicate with the District Chairmen at the beginning of the administration. Let them know your goals and objectives and any goals/objectives that you have heard about from the South Atlantic Region and/or National Garden Clubs.
  11. Keep an accurate record of committee receipts/expenses and submit to VFGC Treasurer. Bills submitted must be documented by receipts and listed on the approved form.
  12. All activities that require expenditures over the amount budgeted for your chairmanship require prior approval from the VFGC Finance Committee (Standing Rule V. Finances)
  13. Keep the VFGC President informed of any matters relative to your committee.
  14. All motions to the Finance Committee, Executive Committee, or Board of Directors must be in writing. Forms are available from the VFGC Recording Secretary.
  15. Communicate with your corresponding District Chairman.
  16. Chairmen should try to be available to clubs and district chairmen as a resource for information, to help with club programs, and to visit clubs and districts when invited.
  17. Read and be familiar with all VFG, SAR and NGC Awards that might apply to this chairmanship. Encourage applications for awards for projects that apply to this chairmanship.
  18. Submit an Annual Report to the VFGC President (form available on VFGC Website) by May 1 each year. This report will be kept on file at VFGC Headquarters for each Standing Committee and Officer and should provide an easy to read summary of what you did during the year.
  19. Submit originals of any correspondence, financial reports, etc. that should become part of the permanent record of VFGC for filing at Headquarters. Copies of these records may remain with the Chairman’s files.
  20. Each officer and chairman, with the exception of the Treasurer, shall deliver to her/his successor such books and records as pertain to the office at the post-convention Board of 20. Directors’ meeting in an election year or within two weeks (Updated March, 2015)

VFGC Job Descriptions- PDF

Annual Report

The annual report is a summary of what you have done in your position. This summary should describe the goals, job responsibilities of your position and how they were carried out over the course of the year.

One copy will be filed at Headquarters in a separate file folder for each Standing Committee/Officer and one copy will be kept by the chairman and passed on.

VFGC Officers and Chairman should communicate with their respective district representatives and request a brief summary–there is no separate report form for district chairman.