All clubs of the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs may organize and/or sponsor a Youth Garden Club.  The benefits to the students include:

  1. Introduces the art and science of gardening using fundamental math, reading and writing skills, as well as practical applications

  2. Increases awareness of the environment, natural resources, ecology, conservation, composting and recycling

  3. Helps raise standardized test scores, especially in science

  4. Encourages creativity through observing the cycles of life

  5. Develops leadership skills

  6. Provides opportunities for participation and recognition with nationally sponsored contests and awards

  7. May lead to future hobbies and career opportunities

For more information on sponsoring a Youth Garden Club, contact the Membership Chairman.


er, connect and take action by earning the National Garden Clubs Native Plant Patch for Girl Scouts.  This program encourages partnerships between Girl Scouts and local National Garden Clubs to teach Girl Scouts about native plants in their area.  Girl Scouts of all age levels are eligible to earn this patch.

The purpose of the Native Plants Patch is to encourage Girl Scouts and the National Garden Clubs to work collaboratively by:

  1. Promoting girl-to-girl, adult-to-adult, and girl-to-adult discussion about the National Garden Club initiative and partnership

  2. Encouraging Girl Scouts to go to experts when they have questions while earning related badges, Try-its, Interest Projects, or STUDIO 2B® charms

  3. Showing girls a way to focus their earned awards when working toward the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

For more information, visit National Garden Clubs website.

Recognition for Young Gardeners and the Adults Who Teach Them

For more information on awards and how to apply, visit National Garden Clubs website.


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