Virginia Landscape Design

Consultants Council

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Annual Civic Improvement Award for A COMPLETED Project

1st place $200   2nd place $150   3rd place $100

Suggestions for possible projects:

  1. PUBLIC/SEMI PUBLIC BUILDINGS -  Improvement to grounds or gardens at hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, schools, churches, libraries, etc.

  2. RECREATION - Outdoor classrooms, play areas, mini parks, gardens or other public areas seen or used by public but not necessarily attached to a specific building or road.  Examples Community or neighborhood garden, play area, picnic area, vacant lot, location used by teachers for instruction.

  3. HIGHWAYS AND MEDIAN STRIPS - Entrance to city, boulevards, drainage ditches, curb and gutters.  Beautification, tree planting, safe walkways, etc.

Questions and how to apply?  Contact Judy Hodges, VLDCC


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