ake a date to plan and implement a PLANT TOGETHER PROJECT.  Put it on your calendar NOW…. decide on what your PLANT TOGETHER PROJECT might be in your community with your Garden Club members . Reach out, involve and work with other groups. Complete your project any time this year.

Determine where your community needs help or a clean up and make a plan to weed, trim and cut back, plant new areas, plant a container garden or pots with flowers or vegetables.  Host a workshop for children and let them take home potted plants to care for.  Spark a lifetime of interest in  gardening.

Many possibilities exist, such as Blue Star memorial clean up projects, or plant a native tree in the community as in your VFGC’s President’s Project.  Beautify and restore areas in your housing development, township, roadside, school, nursing facility, or library. Determine where the needs are.

Contact and get involved partnering with groups to accomplish your chosen project.  Reach out to Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, or a local church youth group, School PTO’s, able nursing home residents, Master Gardeners, or any other group.   Many hands make lighter work.

  1. Call your local media at least a week before the project date!  Let your community know of the good works of your groups and that the Garden Club is making a difference.  PUBLICITY attracts interest and new members.  Ask them to bring their camera.  Some projects have made the front page of a local paper with pictures.

  2. Use the VFGC Awards Application to enter your Garden Club's Project and send it to your District's Award Chairman by December 1.  Entries will be evaluated by the 'Scale of Points for all NGC Awards on page 87 of the VFGC Yearbook (your Garden Club President has a copy.)

  3. Send a copy of your Award Application to the VFGC Plant Together Chairman, 3164 Somerset Drive, Jeffersonton, VA 22724.

For further information, contact:

Mary Ann May

VFGC Community Garden Chairman

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