A new grant program for club projects, Grants to Beautify & Restore, has been established by the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. to provide financial support for clubs to restore gardens that have been damaged by natural disasters within Virginia or to beautify areas within communities.  Priority will be given to natural disaster restoration projects.  

A garden club or clubs may apply for funds to help replant, restore and beautify a public area that has been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, floods, fires, etc.  The restoration project is to be sponsored by a VFGC member garden club.  The scope of these programs may include replacing plants and trees, clean-up, mulching and replanting expenses.  Grants may also be used by clubs to beautify public areas and roadsides in their communities.

All VFGC clubs are encouraged to apply for a one-year grant up to $1000 for the purpose of restoring gardens or community beautification. 


In evaluating grant applications, priority will be given to RESTORATION projects following a natural disaster when there is significant impact such as:

  1. Quality of life, such as damage to a garden/park frequently used by many people

  2. Endangered/rare plants are threatened

  3. Historic integrity of the garden

Community Beautification projects are also eligible will be evaluated based on the following:

  1. Benefits to the community

  2. Club participation

  3. Project visibility/location of the project



  1. Guidelines - WORD OR PDF

  2. Application Form

For further information contact:

Shirley Edillon

VFGC Grants to Beautify and Restore Chairman 


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