For Club Members  

  1.    Life Memberships - WORD or PDF

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  1.   Yearbook Sponsor Form 2019-2021 - WORD or PDF

  2.   Dogwood Society Contribution Form - WORD or PDF

  3.   Legacy Tree Planting Donation Form - WORD or PDF

  4.   Photo Permission Form for Youth - WORD or PDF 

  5.   VFGC Officer Application Form - WORD or PDF 

  6.   Information on how to write or revise Bylaws, Standing   

             Rules and Articles of Association - WORD or PDF

  1.   Awards Application - WORD or PDF

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For Club Treasurers

VFGC Dues for the year June 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020 will be due by May 31.  Dues notice and roster are mailed to all Club Presidents. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Ward, VFGC Treasurer.

VFGC Dues are $5.00* per member and should be paid by May 31 of each year.  Dues of new members are payable immediately up until February 1.

New members who join after February 1 should be sent with VFGC dues and Club Roster form by May 31.

*VFGC members voted on an amendment to raise VFGC dues to $5.00 at the 2016 Convention. 

  1. New Member Roster Forms - WORD or PDF

  2. Club Contact Information - WORD or PDF

For Club Presidents

  1.   Annual Report Form - WORD or PDF

  2.   Youth Project “Keys to the Future” Grants


For VFGC Officers and Chairmen

  1.   Reimbursement Request Form - EXCEL or PDF

  2.   Checks Received Form - EXCEL or PDF

For Flower Show Judges, Student Judges and Landscape Design Consultants

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