For Club Members  

  1.    Life Memberships - WORD or PDF

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  1.   Yearbook Sponsor Form 2017-2019 - WORD

  2.   Dogwood Society Contribution Form - WORD or PDF

  3.   Legacy Tree Planting Donation Form - WORD or PDF

  4.   Photo Permission Form for Youth - WORD or PDF 

  5.   VFGC Officer Application Form - WORD or PDF 

  6.   Information on how to write or revise Bylaws, Standing   

             Rules and Articles of Association - WORD or PDF

  1.   Awards Application - WORD or PDF

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For Club Treasurers

VFGC Dues for the year June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018 are now due.  Dues notice and roster are mailed to all Club Presidents. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Ward, VFGC Treasurer.

VFGC Dues are $5.00* per member and should be paid by May 31 of each year.  Dues of new members are payable immediately up until February 1.

New members who join after February 1 should be sent with VFGC dues and Club Roster form by May 31.

*VFGC members voted on an amendment to raise VFGC dues to $5.00 at the 2016 Convention. 

  1. New Member Roster Forms - WORD or PDF

  2. Club Contact Information - WORD or PDF

For Club Presidents

  1.   Annual Report Form - WORD

  2.   Youth Project “Keys to the Future” Grants


For VFGC Officers and Chairmen

  1.   Reimbursement Request Form - EXCEL or PDF

  2.   Checks Received Form - EXCEL or PDF

For Flower Show Judges, Student Judges and Landscape Design Consultants

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